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In a galaxy shattered by the devastating Last War, marauding pirate fleets prowl from one star system to another, engaging in acts of robbery, extortion, and enslavement. Within this chaotic backdrop, countless independent operators – ranging from smugglers and relic hunters to freedom fighters and mercenaries – traverse the desolate cosmos in small spacecraft, eking out a living through various means.

In the world of Stargrave, players step into the shoes of these independent operators. They begin by selecting from a diverse array of backgrounds, each offering unique strengths, weaknesses, and associated abilities. Following this, players embark on the task of assembling a crew for their starship, recruiting a lieutenant equipped with specialized skills and a team of soldiers, mechanics, hackers, and other specialists. In some cases, daring captains may even enlist the help of enigmatic alien beings with extraordinary powers that defy human comprehension.

With their crews firmly in place, players venture into a campaign filled with missions that encompass a wide spectrum of objectives, such as recovering lost technology, pilfering valuable data, liberating enslaved populations, and confronting the formidable pirate fleets. As their crews gain experience, they become more proficient and gain the ability to hire even more skilled specialists. However, the larger and more notorious a crew becomes, the higher the likelihood of attracting the attention of relentless pirate fleets, setting the stage for dramatic confrontations!


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