Starfinder Miniatures: Lashunta Xenowarden

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To the Xenowardens, stewards of life scattered across the cosmos, every world bearing the spark of life is a sacred miracle—a tapestry of wonder to be revered and protected at all costs. For them, the unregulated rush outward into the galaxy, driven by greed or heedless expansion, is not just folly, but a tragic heresy that threatens the very fabric of existence.

In the eyes of these noble guardians, the reckless pursuit of quick credits or the relentless spread of urban sprawl represents a betrayal of the sanctity of life. Each planet, each ecosystem, is a delicate balance of life forms and natural processes, a masterpiece of evolution that deserves to be cherished and preserved for future generations.

For the Xenowardens, their mission is clear: to stand as sentinels against the tide of exploitation and destruction, to champion the cause of conservation and sustainable development, and to ensure that the wonders of the galaxy remain untarnished for all time.

Their ranks are filled with scientists, scholars, and spiritual seekers, united in their reverence for life and their commitment to protecting it. From the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains, from the densest jungles to the barren deserts, they work tirelessly to study, understand, and safeguard the diverse array of life forms that call the cosmos home.

But theirs is not just a mission of study and observation—it is also a call to action. Wherever they see the hand of greed or indifference threatening to despoil the beauty of the natural world, they stand ready to intervene, to speak out, and to resist with all their strength.

  • 1 x Lashunta- Xenowarden miniature

Requires manual assembly and painting.


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