Starfinder Miniatures: Human Ace Pilot

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In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists a breed of individuals whose true home lies among the stars—the ace pilot. Whether navigating a starship through the inky void of space or maneuvering a ground vehicle with unmatched precision, they are most comfortable at the controls, where the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of speed fuel their every move.

For some, the path to becoming an ace pilot is paved with years of rigorous training and discipline. They may be members of elite military forces, honing their skills through intense courses and grueling missions. Each maneuver, each decision, is a testament to their dedication and determination to excel in the art of aerial combat.

But for others, the journey to becoming an ace pilot is a more unconventional one. They may be total amateurs, lacking formal training or experience, yet possessing innate skills and instincts that set them apart from the rest. With a natural talent for flying and a daring spirit that knows no bounds, they quickly earn a reputation as much-admired hotshots among their peers.

Regardless of their background or training, all ace pilots share a common passion for the thrill of the skies. Whether they're racing through asteroid fields, dodging enemy fire in dogfights, or blazing trails across dusty badlands, they live for the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing their vehicles to the Limit.


  • 1 x Human Ace Pilot miniature

Requires manual assembly and painting.


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