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The Starfinder Armory is a sourcebook for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, a science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set in a far-future universe of magic and technology. The sourcebook expands on the rules and lore of the Starfinder universe, providing players with new tools and options to enhance their gaming experience.

The Starfinder Armory focuses on equipment and gear, providing players with a comprehensive guide to the weapons, armor, gadgets, and other gear available in the Starfinder universe. The book includes new rules for creating and upgrading equipment, as well as detailed descriptions of a wide range of new and exotic gear.

The Starfinder Armory includes weapons and armor for a variety of playstyles and character builds, including ranged and melee weapons, heavy and light armor, and specialized gear for different environments and combat scenarios. The book also includes new rules for customizing gear, including new modifications, upgrades, and enhancements.

In addition to the new gear, the Starfinder Armory also includes information on the different organizations, corporations, and factions involved in the production and sale of equipment, as well as the black market and illegal trade of stolen or stolen gear. The book provides players with a wealth of information and inspiration for their adventures, as well as new challenges and encounters to face.

Whether you're a seasoned Starfinder player or just starting out, the Starfinder Armory is a valuable resource that will deepen your understanding of the universe and provide you with new and exciting options for your adventures. Whether you're a player looking to upgrade your gear or a GM looking for new and interesting items to include in your game, this sourcebook has something for everyone.


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