Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Ee Chee Wa Maa! Squad Pack

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After Chief Chirpa welcomed the rebel raiding party into his tribe, he did not hesitate to lead his bravest warriors into battle against the Imperial stormtroopers. Among them was the skilled scout Paploo, whose knowledge of Endor's forests was invaluable. But not only he, but also numerous Ewoks armed with spears and bows bravely faced the threat.

The stormtroopers may be larger and better equipped, but the Ewoks proved that you should never underestimate the smallest. With cunning and skill, they used the natural environment of their forest moon home planet to their advantage, using familiar paths and hidden traps to surprise and overwhelm the Imperial forces.

In a daring act of resilience and cooperation, the rebels and Ewoks united to fight together against Imperial oppression. Under the leadership of Chief Chirpa and the courage of the brave Ewok warriors, the Battle of Endor became a turning point in the galactic conflict, reigniting hope for freedom and justice for all.

Mission team with Leia Organa, Chief Chirpa, Paploo and other Ewoks


  • 5 highly detailed, unpainted miniatures
  • 4 command cards
  • 4 battle style cards
  • 4 value cards for units

A basic game of Star Wars: Shatterpoint is required to play.


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