Spirit of Durthu

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A spirit of Durthu has a similar appearance to a treelord, but can be distinguished by the flickering energies dancing within its body and the guardian sword it wields in battle. Each spirit of Durthu is a mighty warrior, and from time immemorial Alarielle has made them her personal bodyguard and called them the Sons of Durthu.

The sons are close-knit lineage, born as echoes of the ancient and heroic ancestor they are named after. Their minds are packed with knowledge of combat, while their heartwood is imbued with a sense of nobility, duty, and determination that makes them the perfect bodyguards. Each son of Durthu is instinctively connected to his brothers on such a deep level that it's almost like a shared consciousness. Spirits of Durthu are good beings in their own right, but their loyalty is absolute to Alarielle. They follow her every command with selfless determination, and would gladly cut down friend or foe if it were necessary to protect the Everqueen from harm.

Spirits of Durthu are not mindless servants. Rather, the wisdom and knowledge singing within them make them ideal advisors to Alarielle. They act as their conscience, their warlords and the agents of their will. The Sons of Durthu speak with Alarielle's voice, carrying their authority among other Sylvaneth and exercising it when needed.

Alarielle didn't always listen to her bodyguards and sometimes they made her very angry. It was worst in the darkest days of the Age of Chaos, in the years before Alarielle's retreat to Athelwyrd. No one knows what caused the Everqueen to rage against her protectors, but she was furious and banished the sons of Durthu from her land with terrible curses. Distraught but obliged, the sons abandoned their queen in a terrifying exodus known as the Splintering and scattered across the Mortal Realms. Some fell into a miserable hibernation, while others sought final death in battle rather than face their grief. Most wandered far and wide, fighting evil wherever it found it, hoping that one day their mother would call them back. Summoning her was Alarielle's first act upon her rebirth, and most of her lost protectors have answered her call. They still search the realms and return to Alarielle's side more every day.


A Ghost of Durthu is armed with Massive Impaling Talons and can attack with its Guardian Sword. A Spirit of Durthu can also channel a Verdant Blast through its Guardian Sword, using its own life energy to terrify its enemies.


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