Spires: Siege Behemoth

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The Siegebreaker Behemoth is a marvel of engineering and destructive power. Its limbs are meticulously designed to serve multiple purposes - they can dig, climb, and strike with such unfathomable force that the very air cavitates around it, producing a thunderous boom that eclipses the sound of its impact. Metal is shredded, stone is pulverized, and flesh is obliterated in its wake.

This colossal creature boasts a sinuous, serpentine body that is nearly entirely composed of muscle and armor. It sacrifices everything for sheer power, mobility, and durability. Its nervous system is a complex amalgamation of simple control systems that govern its basic movements and intricate pain and pleasure receptors that are finely tuned to its hearing. This design is intentional, as the control over this unstoppable behemoth lies in the hands of its master alone. Frequencies known only to its master are used to dispense pain or pleasure, ensuring the creature's compliance and unwavering loyalty.

In the heat of battle, the Siegebreaker Behemoth plays a crucial role. The Spire's designs are tailored to specific tasks, and this mighty behemoth lives up to its name by specializing in breaking sieges. With only a few, yet extraordinarily powerful attacks, the Siegebreaker effortlessly dismisses any attempts at defense or protection by its enemies. Robust defensive lines crumble in the face of its relentless assault, making it an invaluable asset in the Directorates' arsenal.


  • 1 Siegebreaker Behemoth, height 18,1 cm
  • 1 Set of Monster Base and Stand (100mm)
  • 1 Command Card

In Game Role:

  • Battlefield Role: Restricted Monster
  • Class: Heavy
  • Type: Monster

Assembly required.


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