Spires: Desolation Drones

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In the shadowy recesses of the Spires, amidst the hum of machinery and the hiss of chemical vats, the Desolation Drones emerge as harbingers of destruction, feared by friend and foe alike. Born from humble origins as mere disposable tools for cleansing spawning pools, these drones have evolved into formidable warriors under the guidance of enterprising Biomancers.

It was a stroke of genius that elevated them from menial laborers to instruments of war—a Biomancer's realization of the potent effects of their digestive liquids on the battlefield. With swift promotion came the resources needed to enhance their weaponry, allowing them to deliver their corrosive payloads from afar. Though their range may be limited, the efficiency of their production ensures a steady stream of replacements to replenish the ranks decimated by enemy fire.

In battle, the Desolation Drones fulfill a crucial role as mediums of destruction, tasked with suppressing enemy formations while the rest of the Spire forces engage the foe head-on. Their arsenal is formidable, with powerful Reprocessing Agents that force enemy regiments to drop their guard, leaving them vulnerable to subsequent assaults. Moreover, their weapons boast Armor Piercing capabilities, ensuring that little remains standing after each devastating salvo.

With relentless efficiency and unwavering determination, the Desolation Drones march onto the battlefield, their presence heralding doom for those who dare oppose the Spires. As infantry mediums, they stand as stalwart guardians of their masters' ambitions, their mechanical forms a testament to the ingenuity of the Biomancers who have molded them into instruments of annihilation.

So let the enemy tremble at the sight of the Desolation Drones, for where they tread, desolation follows in their wake, leaving naught but ruin and despair amidst the chaos of war.

In Game Role:

  • Class: Medium
  • Type: Infantry

Box Contents:

  • 12 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making Catabolic Nodes)
  • 3 Infantry Plastic Stands
  • 12 Bases
  • 1 Command Cards
  • Scale: 38mm

Assembly required.


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