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Since their transformation into Shadow Crows, no vile creature has dared to challenge either of the twins for their ascension. As time passed, the brothers grew more autonomous, their actions skirting the edge of insubordination towards their senior members in the Shadow Wind clan. Only Ghost possesses the authority to compel their compliance and rein in their unruly conduct. Though devoid of souls to harbor fear, the influence of Ghost ensures their unwavering loyalty to the shadows.

While adding more options to the array of abilities of his Brother, Phantom, Spectre also brings a unique ability that KKZ players will find great uses for.  When Phantom succeeds in a melee attack, you can also have Spectre deal some damage without having to roll a melee exchange!  You can have them attack the same model for additional damage or spread them out simultaneously to deal damage in multiple places.  You can also bypass the melee defences of complicated models, such as Tanaka Kazuo or Master Akari.

Blister contains:

  • one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile Card.

Supplied unpainted.


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