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The Wulfen are Space Marines of the Space Wolves Chapter who have succumbed to the Wulfen's curse and transformed into savage, misshapen Lupine mutants. Within each Space Wolf's gene seed is the specific genetic sequence known as the Canis Helix, which endows the Space Wolves with the keen predatory senses of the Fenrisian Wolves, native to their homeworld of Fenris.

As aspirants undergo the onset of the physical changes that will transform them into superhuman Astartes during the brutal trial known as The Blooding, not every candidate is able to overcome the ferocious curse that activation of the Canis Helix in unleashed on them, and they suffer a terrible fate of turning into one of these cruel creatures.

Many Space Wolves warriors do not succumb to the curse for many centuries. But once he has drunk from the Wulfen's Chalice, the warrior must continually fight the beast that rages within him for the rest of his days. Some Space Wolves eventually surrender, unable to contain the inner wolf's savagery during the heat of battle.

When a Space Wolves aspirant is deemed worthy of joining the Order, he participates in a sacred ceremony in which he imbibes the Canis Helix, the spirit of the wolf. In reality, this is a genetic cocktail pulled from the genome of their primarch, Leman Russ, and used as a catalyst to activate the genetically engineered viral machinery of the aspirant's gene seed implants, similar to the Blood Angels aspirants who ingest the sacred blood of They drink Primarch Sanguinius from the Red Grail to begin their transformation into Space Marines. This concoction is drunk from an ancient Space Wolves relic known as the Cup of Wulfen.

Ancient legends speak of the arrival of the Emperor of Mankind during the Great Crusade to the world of Fenris in search of his long-lost genetic descendants. Many of those who would become the first Space Wolves were all old men by Astartes standards, having been raiders and brothers-swords to Leman, King of Rus' for many years before the Allfather came to Fenris. When the truth of Leman's legacy finally emerged, every warrior in the king's mead hall had drawn their iron blades and fought loudly at his side, as befits brothers in the sword.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components needed to assemble five Wulfen. These ferocious beasts can be built with a thunder hammer and storm shield, a large frost axe, or a pair of frost claws - their backpacks can optionally contain either a grisly bone-filled trophy rack or a storm frag autolauncher. A Wulfen can be assembled as a pack leader in a unique pose with special frost claws, and the box contains numerous decorative parts to give your Wulfen a unique look.

This set comes in a total of 165 pieces and is supplied with five Citadel 40mm Round bases.


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