Space Marines Primaris Infiltrators

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Vanguard Infiltrators

Vanguard Infiltrators are Primaris Space Marines responsible for disrupting enemy communications and sabotaging targets of opportunity. Infiltrator Squads are considered Battleline Squads. The most numerous and strategically diverse warriors in a Codex Astartes-compliant order form battlegroups.

They are flexible enough to smother an attack or hold a position with devastating firepower. Whatever the strategic challenge, Battleline Squads are usually up to the task. The first thing the enemy sees of Infiltrators in Mark X Phobos power armor is a cascade of suffocating smog as they hurl a barrage of smoke grenades, masking their advance. As the enemy peers into the swirling cloud, the Space Marines bring their targets down with disciplined bursts of fire, the augur scopes of their sniper bolt-action carbines setting every victim alight for the kill.

Aside from their weapons, the most important tool available to the Infiltrators is the Omni-Scrambler. This portable, rear-mounted device intercepts wave signals across a wide spectrum, scrambling frequencies and redirecting holo-broadcasts to ensure enemy communiqués never reach their intended recipients. Infiltrators are trained in self-sufficiency and survival techniques, and some squads have their own Medicae specialists to perform the sacred duty of recovering the gene-seed of fallen brethren.

Known as the Helix Adepts, these warriors receive additional training from the Apothecary and are poised to rise to the rank of full Primaris Apothecary should a tragic loss occur. In the meantime, they practice their craft in the Vanguard formations, using the Helix Gauntlet - a scaled-down version of an Apothecary's Narthecium tool - to accomplish their tasks.

Each infiltrator is armed with a sniper bolt carbine and wears Mark X Phobos armor adorned with pouches for his infiltration gear. Additional parts are included to build up to two Sergeants and up to two models with communications arrays.

This kit contains two identical frames, each containing five models that can be built as Infiltrators or Incursors. The set comes as a total of 266 components, 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases and a Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet.


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