Space Marines Primaris Impulsor

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Primaris Impulsor

The Impulsor is a lightly armored and fast-moving anti-grav assault transport favored by the Vanguard Space Marines forces.

Benefitting from the same advanced gravitational drive technology used by the heavier Repulsor-class chassis, the Impulsor features vector-controlled thrusters that give this lightweight gravitational tank a healthy dose of speed.

Its open design allows it to quickly transport a full squad of 10 Space Marines into battle, completely avoiding obstacles such as trench lines, river deltas, toxic industrial drains and the like.

Typically, these vehicles are retained for the killing strike by Vanguard Marine forces, or used in a capacity similar to Rhino APCs by other Primaris Space Marine forces wishing to deploy armored columns or perform rapid evasion maneuvers.

As befits a vehicle that is often the only support for its squad in enemy territory, the Impulsor can be quickly upgraded with a variety of weapons and defense systems. For those troops expecting heavy fire, the vehicle can mount an advanced shield dome on its hull, cloaking it in a shimmering, protective refractor field.

Forward reconnaissance missions are facilitated with the use of Envoy-class Vox and Auspex arrays, while squads needing additional fire support can call in either the Bellicatus Missile Array or an Ironhail Skytalon Array, ideal for targeting enemy aircraft from the skies slay.

 The kit consists of 108 components and contains all weapon and loadout options of the Impulsor. The model is supplied with a Citadel 100mm round base and a clear hover stand to mount it onto, as well as an Ultramarines vehicle transfer sheet.


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