Space Marines Land Speeder Storm

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The Land Speeder Storm is an unusual variant of the standard Land Speeder used by the Adeptus Astartes. The Land Speeder Storm sacrifices the heavier weapons of the more common Land Speeder variants, such as the Land Speeder Tornado and Land Speeder Typhoon, in exchange for modest carry capacity. The Land Speeder Storm is capable of carrying a small squad of Scout Marines into battle with no loss of performance. Primarily used as a fast reconnaissance vehicle, the Land Speeder Storm is capable of sneaking Scout Marines deep into enemy territory.

The Land Speeder Storm is also equipped with silenced engines that greatly reduce their noise and a sophisticated spy system that gives the speeder an advantage in hit-and-run attacks. When Scout Marines' vehicle cargo is in the field, the vehicle can serve as a mobile fire base to provide support, or the vehicle can act as an assault ship, deploying the Scouts to hotly contested areas. Most commonly deployed as a stealth insertion ship, the Land Speeder Storm deploys the Scouts deep behind enemy lines, where they can harass supply lines and destroy key targets.

Land Speeder Storms are often ahead of the main Space Marine force and can slip into enemy territory unnoticed, making them ideal for surprise attacks. They are simultaneously a mobile firepoint, an assault transport, and a stealth tacship. Thanks to well-timed Land Speeder Storm attacks, many an enemy of the Empire has lost a battle before they even knew they were in one. The Land Speeder Storm replaces the heavy armament of the standard Land Speeder and its variants with the ability to carry a half-unit of Scout Marines into battle. The Land Speeder Storm is equipped with a trunnion-mounted heavy bolter that can be fired by the passenger. The vehicle is also equipped with a three-barreled weapon known as the Cerberus Launcher, mounted under the front of the vehicle.

The Cerberus Launcher is used to stun the enemy while the Scout Marines exit the vehicle, and fires a bewildering salvo of frag, stun and flash missiles at the enemy position. Combined with the high speeds of the Land Speeder and the confounding effects of the Cerberus Launcher, the Scout Marines are able to quickly take over enemy positions that were thought to be impregnable.

The vehicle also carries an extensive array of spy sensors and communications and sensor jamming arrays. The vehicle's jamming field can jam enemy teleport homers and similar equipment in a wide area around the Landspeeder.

The Land Speeder Storm, like the standard-pattern Land Speeder, does not have any additional upgrade options such as additional armor or smoke launchers, but the vehicle's trunnion-mounted Heavy Bolter can be replaced with a Heavy Flamer, a Multi-Melta, or an Assault Cannon.

This set contains one multi-part Space Marine Land Speeder Storm and six multi-part plastic Space Marine Scouts. This 99-piece set includes: a Cerberus launcher, a heavy boltgun, and a variety of head, weapon, and arm options for the scout crew. Also included is a variety of accessories including: pouches, grenades, scopes, backpacks and knives. Large flight base model.


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