Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad

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Vanguard Veteran Squad

Veteran Vanguards are members of the First Company of a Space Marine Chapter who specialize in hand-to-hand combat, making them ideally suited to lead any offensive action.

While every member of the Order's 1st Company has mastered all manner of weapons, those of the Vanguard Squads have fully immersed themselves in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Long serving in their Chapter's Assault Squads, veteran Vanguards are some of the Chapter's best melee combatants.

Of all the battle formations that make up a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter, 1st Company is the most feared. For an Astartes to join the 1st Company, he must have made a name for himself on countless battlefields and earned the respect of his brethren through bloody and honorable deeds.

Most of these veterans served as sergeants elsewhere in the Order - sometimes for centuries - before enlisting in the 1st Cavalry.

Each member of 1st Company is proficient in all forms of Astartes weaponry and is a living example of the ideals and goals of the Order. With such status comes the right to select weapons of one's choice from the Chapter armory, and as a result Veteran Squads are much less rigid in composition and doctrine than other Space Marine formations.

They are often equipped and assigned to carry out highly specialized missions that can prove to be power multipliers, such as: Such as killing an Orc war boss and his Nob bodyguard, or preventing a wave of Aeldari Aspect warriors from joining the main body of an enemy Aeldari force.

Vanguard Squads are formed from the members of 1st Company fully immersed in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Most have served long duty rotations in their Chapter's Assault Squad, their skills tested and honed in the crucible of bloody melee combat across a hundred worlds.

Power swords, plasma pistols, and power fists are all common sights in Vanguard Veteran Squads, while thunder hammers, lightning claws, and rarer weapons are also employed as needed. These weapons are not to be taken lightly, for they are all ancient and revered artifacts of the Order.

A Vanguard veteran who returns from the battlefield without his armament is subject to the Order's grueling penance rites.

While they can be deployed on the front lines of an attack, most Chapters deploy their veteran Vanguards as rapid response troops, using Jump Packs or Rhino transports to apply decisive pressure to an already overwhelmed enemy defense or to reinforce overwhelmed allies. Often referred to as the "iron fist" of a Space Marine Captain, Vanguard veterans are constantly on the move.

The Space Marine range is designed so that all plastic parts are interchangeable between different kits. Depending on how they are assembled, hundreds of variants of Vanguard Veterans can be made from this box set. If you want your squad to include alternate shoulder pads, heads, or weapons, then grab them from another Space Marines plastic kit and they'll fit. This offers the opportunity for truly unique collections of miniatures.

This plastic kit contains 98 components with which to make a 5 man Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad (and much more!).

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

stand for assembly

  • 5 different pairs of running legs available
  • 5 individual torso fronts
  • 16 different shoulder pads
  • 9 heads (8 helmeted, 1 helmeted)
  • as well as 5 individual jump modules

Each member of the squad can be equipped with chainsword and bolt pistol (each one of these weapons has been individually designed)

also included:

  • Includes 4 pairs of energy claws and 4 energy hammers with storm shields
  • The Sergeant can choose between Blade of Honor, Power Sword, Power Fist, and Power Axe
  •  1 grav pistol, 1 plasma pistol, 1 melta bomb and a selection of fragment and high-explosive grenades are also available.


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