Space Marine Assault Squad

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An Assault Marine is a close support Firstborn Space Marine equipped with weapons specialized in hand-to-hand combat and serves as part of an Assault Squad. The term Assault Marine refers to Imperial Space Marines so equipped; Chaos Space Marines have similar units called Chaos Raptors.

Assault Marines are powerful melee combatants, capable of defeating almost any opponent in the bloody hand-to-hand combat that is so common in late 41st Millennium warfare. Each Assault Squad consists of up to 10 Combat Brothers, one of whom is the unit leader with the rank of Corporal.

All of the Astartes in the squad are excellent hand-to-hand combatants, having received additional special training and being highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat after countless encounters with the Emperor's enemies.

Assault squads excel at close-ranged combat. Equipped with jump packs, they race across the battlefield and pounce on the enemy with no regard for personal danger. Attack squads slam into the enemy with the momentum of a turbocharged engine, sending enemies sprawling under the skull-crushing force of their impact.

The Codex Astartes dictates that attack squads should be unleashed in the first wave of attacks to hit hard and fast at weak spots in the enemy formation. Enemy infantry is shredded with Chainsword and Bolt Pistol, enemy tanks with Krak grenades.

That's the way of the Space Marines - to mercilessly crush the enemy before moving on to the next target. Such tactics are far from subtle, but they are nonetheless effective - although an adversary who perceives this as the extent of an attack squad's capabilities is miserably mistaken.

As deadly as any weapon the Assault Marine wields, the Jump Pack thrusts its wielder into the heart of the battle with the force of a rushing meteorite. More importantly, with a Jump Pack comes mobility, allowing the Assault Squad to quickly regroup in a series of hard-hitting attacks or even perform controlled low-altitude descents from Thunderhawk gunships.

Assault Squads draw some of the most brutal of combat missions. Often operating ahead of the rest of the Astartes army, Assault Marines run the risk of being outflanked, cut off, or simply overwhelmed by the enemy on any mission. Even when an Assault Squad is knee-deep in corpses and fighting for their lives, its sergeant must be aware not only of its current situation, but of any upcoming or potential developments that will leave its battle-brothers stranded in a sea of ??bloodthirsty enemies.

Guns...these guys are armed to the teeth. Included in the box:

  • Five Space Marine bolt pistols;
  • Five Space Marine chainswords;
  • Three plasma pistols;
  • Two Space Marine Flamers;
  • A Space Marine grav pistol;
  • A Space Marine Heavy Chainsword (Eviscerator) ;
  • One each of Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer;
  • A Space Marine Battle Shield;
  • A melta bomb.

The squad can really be assembled to reflect your playstyle and aesthetic choices with this huge variety - and you'll have a huge surplus of weapons to add to your existing Space Marine collection. Supplied with five Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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