Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II

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Although the early heavy infantry armour fielded by the Soviets was both effective and functional, it was evident that there was significant room for improvement. Initial attempts to adapt the existing design for a more specialized anti-infantry role yielded limited success. Consequently, a new suit was commissioned, incorporating enhanced insights from the Rift-tech advances of other nations.

The Mark II suits represent a significant leap forward, featuring improved power-assisted movement, heavier armour, and a broader range of weaponry. These advancements make the Mark II suits far more effective than their predecessors. However, production rates remain suboptimal, and currently, only the elite Guards units are receiving these advanced suits, using them to spearhead shock assault formations.

In Konflikt 47, the Mk II Heavy Armour unit boasts the Tough, Slow, and Resilient special rules. Equipped with assault rifles, this robust unit is designed to be exceptionally difficult to dislodge from strategic objectives, providing a formidable presence on the Battlefield.


  • 8 metal models

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

  • Game System:
  • :
  • Historical Factions: Russia
  • Material: Metal

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