Soviet Army Winter Support Group (HQ, Mortar & MMG)

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This set contains:

  • 1 x Soviet Headquarters (Winter)
  • 1 x SovietMAXim MMG Team (Winter)
  • 1 x Soviet 82mm Mortar Team (Winter)

Headquarters of the Soviet Army (Winter).

Like the soldiers who commanded them, many Soviet officers at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War were inexperienced and lacked training. Stalin's ruthless purge of Red Army officers in 1937 had stripped the organization of leadership and left deep scars on the minds of survivors.

Throughout the war, showing initiative was considered dangerous, and most Soviet officers followed orders to the letter, even if it meant marching their men to certain death. Soviet operational leadership improved immeasurably over time, but the Red Army's heavy losses show that general battlefield control remained a blunt instrument.

Soviet Army Medium Machine Gun (Winter).

The Red Army used the venerable Maxim Model 1910 medium machine gun throughout the war, the same weapon that had served the Tsarist army in World War I. It was a powerful weapon that could be mounted on a tripod, sled or wheel, and often came with a useful shield to protect the crew.

The Maxim was so heavy and unwieldy, but unlike most other Soviet weapons, the Germans rarely used captured specimens.

Soviet Army Medium Mortar Team (Winter).

The standard Russian medium mortar of the war was the 82-PM-41 or 82mm Battalion Model 1941 Mortar. This served alongside the otherwise similar 82mm Model 1937. Both were very effective and accurate weapons, with a range of about 3,000 yards .

82mm mortars were viewed by the Russians as artillery rather than infantry weapons and were usually clustered in batteries for battalion-level support.


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