Soviet Anti-tank Teams

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The Soviet Union's armies had many weapons at their disposal to counter the threat of German armored forces - from orthodox anti-tank rifles to weird "Molotov cocktail" launchers to the unconventional use of dogs as live anti-tank mines.

While most nations found the anti-tank rifle underpowered against the latest armored vehicles, the Soviets continued to use it in large numbers, although to be truly effective it had to be fired at dangerous close range. The Ampulomet was a strange mortar-like device that hurled a glass ball containing a mixture of phosphorus and sulfur up to 400 meters, albeit imprecisely.

Perhaps the most unusual and controversial anti-tank weapon is the "dog mines". Equipped with a simple lever that releases the carried charge when the dog takes refuge under enemy tanks or vehicles. Many animals simply fled the noise and stench of battle, while others fled to the safety of Soviet machines or trenches. The Germans were so terrified that they shot all the dogs on sight - dog mine teams are credited with destroying a number of German tanks at the Battle of Kursk.

Includes the following Soviet metal figures:

  • 2-man anti-tank rifle Crew
  • 2 dog mine Teams
  • Ampulomet team
  • Plastic base


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