Sorcerer Kings: Sardar

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Sardar, a recent addition to the Sorcerer Kings' armies, are distinguished Rajakur servicemen who willingly reenlist upon the request of their Raj to lead their forces in battle. Having earned their accolades among the ranks and bolstered directly by the authority of the Raj, their command over their troops is unquestionable, devoid of the internal strife and discord often found among other cultures.

In the intricate dance of warfare, the Sardar serves as the Sorcerer King's warrior and tactician. While they may lack the spellcasting abilities of their sorcerous counterparts, they compensate with the formidable strength of their warband. With the mighty Mahut war elephants at their disposal, the Sardar aggressively drives mortal infantry regiments to secure objective zones against overwhelming odds.

For players who relish the strategy of commanding entire warbands of mortal humans and place a premium on objective-oriented and tactical gameplay, the Sardar is the epitome of leadership and battlefield prowess. With their strategic acumen and unwavering determination, they ensure victory through cunning maneuvers and decisive Action.


  • 1 Resin Miniature
  • 1 Infantry Base and Stand
  • 1 Command Card
  • Scale: 38mm


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