Sons of Thor Doors

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Sons of Thor Doors

The "Sons of Thor Doors" set includes three resin pieces designed for use with futuristic vehicles or buildings. These pieces feature a distinct and powerful design inspired by the Sons of Thor faction.

The set includes two different door designs, each showcasing the iconic symbols and motifs associated with the Sons of Thor. These doors exude strength, resilience, and a sense of technological prowess. Additionally, a front plate is included to further enhance the visual appeal and thematic coherence of your vehicles or buildings.

These resin pieces are finely crafted with attention to detail, capturing the intricate designs and textures that define the Sons of Thor aesthetic. With their bold and imposing appearance, these doors add a touch of gravitas and a sense of authority to any futuristic setting.

Whether you're building an army of Sons of Thor vehicles or creating a futuristic cityscape, the Sons of Thor Doors set provides the perfect elements to bring your vision to life. Enhance the visual impact of your models or terrain and immerse yourself in the world of high-tech warriors and advanced technology.

Unleash the power of the Sons of Thor and let their doors become the gateway to a future of triumph and conquest in your wargaming or miniature hobby projects.


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