Sons of Behemat: Kraken Eater Mega Gargant

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Kraken-Eater Mega Gargant

From the salty seas come the Kraken Eaters, the oldest and gnarliest of their kind. These lords of destruction feed on sea monsters and will not hesitate to take on the most formidable enemies. They value material possessions above all else and will smash armies to loot new trophies for their lairs.

Among the mega-gargants of the realms are some rare individuals who are aged, weather-beaten, and on the rarest occasions cunning enough to become genuinely intelligent. Having seen many battles in their youth and fed their fill of men, duardin, orruks and aelves, they seek solitude and the bounty of the sea. For them, it is enough to sit alone on a ledge to watch the dawn sunrise, or to relieve their aching joints by diving into deep water and roaming along the shore. That means anyone encroaching on their territory or attempting to loot their hard-won treasure will be met with a raging onslaught that would make a tsunami seem like a rippling puddle by comparison.

Kraken Eater know their territory like their grasping hand. They typically set up camp in secluded sea caves and deserted coves known only to the most intrepid of sailors. There is much to be said for the voluntary isolation of the Krakeneaters; Not only does it give them a chance to escape the scourge of Chaos, but it also provides them with an excellent ambush technique. More than one galleon crew, sailing into uncharted waters, has mistaken the balding skull of a submerged Kraken Eater for the carapace of a larger back of a clam or a gelatinous tentacle drifting toward them. It's only when the Mega-Gargant stands to his full height, waterfalls of salt water cascading from his torso, and his shipwreck mace raised high, that their stupidity becomes clear. Moments later, their prized ship shatters to cinders around them, and they are hurled themselves into the Kraken Eater's gaping maw - for even the strongest swimmer can't escape when the calloused fingers of these monstrosities grab it.

It is not just the sailors of the Mortal Realms who provide the sustenance for these voracious titans. Kraken Eaters wade or swim miles from shore and feed on the ocean's bountiful food sources - from delicious pelagic marine life like swordfish and sawtooth rays to mirror whales and even the giant sea snakes, you'll glide through the Inky Depths. They grab some of this prey with their bare hands, snatching bone-tipped black sharks out of underwater currents much like a trout fisherman would haul a big catch out of a stream. Even when the beast lashes out, they sink their rotten teeth straight into its spine to make sure it can't fight back.

The greatest loot of all is what gives these Mega-Gargants their high status in Gargant society; this is the octopus of the depths of the Black Ocean. Though few have ever seen the sight of a Mega-Gargant wrestling with such a beast, titanic battles between Gargant and multi-tentacled Abomination have been known to take place within the depths. The bloated and mountainous corpses of many octopuses have been washed up on a beach, with massive giant bite marks on their skin or with their tentacles literally knotted. Some of the grizzled ancient gargants who hunt these beasts go a step further, stripping the hideous skins of these hideous sea creatures, wearing them as cloaks in stormy weather, or crafting protective shoes to walk the sharp rocks of the coast can without injuring the soles of their feet. The latter pieces of gear have the added benefit of being much safer stomping on a phalanx of Elven spearmen or an army of Chaos warriors, as a Gargant hopping about with a wounded foot risks tipping over completely.

The following options can be built from this kit:

  • Kraken-eater Mega Gargant
  • Warstompers
  • Gatebreaker

A variety of options, weapons, and poses allow you to customize your Mega-Gargant and provide you with plenty of handy bits and pieces for your collection. This kit contains 129 plastic components and is supplied with a 130mm round base.


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