Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces

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Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces

When the mission becomes dangerous and the fate of victory hangs in the balance, our reinforcements are ready to take action. No matter the situation we face, our army always has the right tools for the job.

The Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces set includes two highly detailed miniatures, ready to be painted and assembled. Each miniature is accompanied by a 30 mm base, providing stability and enhancing their presence on the battlefield. Additionally, the set includes two character cards that provide all the necessary game stats and abilities for the soldiers.

With these reinforcements at your disposal, you can strengthen your forces and adapt to any challenge that arises. Customize and paint the miniatures to match your army's aesthetic and make them stand out on the tabletop. Whether you're commanding them or leading the charge against them, the Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces set provides you with versatile and capable soldiers for your battles.


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