Solar Auxilia – Malcador Heavy Tank

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Step back in time to the tumultuous wars of the Age of Strife on Ancient Terra with the Solar Auxilia – Malcador Heavy Tank. This formidable behemoth combines the ancient art of war with the technological prowess of the Imperium. Despite its imposing size, the Malcador surprises allies and enemies alike with its unexpected speed, allowing it to swiftly position itself on the battlefield where its firepower can be most effective.

The Malcador Heavy Tank is a true arsenal on tracks, absolutely bristling with armaments. It offers a versatile array of weaponry to suit any commander's tactical needs. With three different turret options, commanders can tailor the tank’s primary armament to their strategic preferences, ensuring it can engage a variety of targets. The hull weapon comes with six choices, allowing for further customization based on the expected resistance.

Sponson guns are not to be overlooked, with five pairs of different options providing a broad range of firepower solutions. These side-mounted weapons enhance the Malcador’s ability to lay down a deadly crossfire, protecting its flanks and supporting allied troops. Additionally, commanders can choose from three pintle-mounted weapons, adding another layer of defense against infantry or aerial threats, or opt to forego them for a sleeker profile.

The Malcador also includes a tank commander, pivotal for leading your armored spearhead. Commanders can choose from two different heads for this figure, personalizing the leader of their armored contingent. Various other options and upgrades are available, allowing for further customization of this war machine to fit the aesthetic and tactical needs of your force.

Each Malcador Heavy Tank comes with a 180-decal Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings transfer sheet, offering an extensive range of insignias, numerals, and unit markings. This allows players to designate their tank’s allegiance, rank, and battle honors, adding a layer of narrative and visual detail that brings the Solar Auxilia’s armored might to life on the tabletop.

In summary, the Solar Auxilia – Malcador Heavy Tank is not just a model; it's a centerpiece of any collection, a testament to the enduring might of the Imperium, and a versatile tool in the arsenal of any commander within the Warhammer universe.


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