Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section

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Introducing the Veletaris Storm Section, a formidable force of 10 elite troopers, each encased in the durable protection of reinforced void armour. This elite unit is designed to break through the toughest of enemy defenses and operate efficiently in the most hazardous environments.

Players have the option to arm their Veletaris Storm Troopers with either volkite chargers, delivering devastating energy blasts to their foes, or storm axes, perfect for close-quarters combat where precision and power are key. The versatility in armament choices allows for tailored tactics to match the varied demands of the battlefield.

The kit goes further by including parts to build a Sergeant, the unit's leader, equipped with an array of high-end equipment. This not only enhances the unit's combat effectiveness but also adds a layer of tactical depth to your army's composition. The Sergeant's presence on the battlefield inspires their troops, leading them to perform with heightened efficiency and bravery.

Additionally, the set offers optional vexilla and vox troopers. The inclusion of a vexilla bearer allows for increased unit cohesion and morale, making your forces even more formidable. Meanwhile, the vox trooper facilitates superior battlefield communication, enabling precise coordination among your troops and with command elements.

The Veletaris Storm Section is more than just a group of soldiers; it represents the pinnacle of Solar Auxilia infantry technology and training. Assembling this unit not only bolsters your forces with elite troopers capable of turning the tide of battle but also brings a visually striking element to your collection, showcasing the might and discipline of the Solar Auxilia.


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