Solar Auxilia Tactical Command Section

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Elevate your Solar Auxilia forces with the Tactical Command Section, a premium set that assembles a respected Solar Auxilia leader and four decorated companions. This set offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to construct a variety of pivotal command units including a Legate Marshal and their Lifewards, a Tactical Command Section, or a Line Command Section. Each configuration plays a critical role in shaping the battlefield dynamics, offering strategic advantages that can turn the tide of war.

In addition to inheriting all the options available in the Lasrifle Section, the Tactical Command Section introduces exclusive enhancements to further bolster your army's capabilities. Equip your command units with an augury scanner to uncover hidden threats and seize the element of surprise. The fluttering cohort vexilla not only marks your forces with a symbol of unity and purpose but also rallies your troops, boosting their morale amidst the chaos of battle.

Crafted with meticulous detail, each model in the Tactical Command Section is designed to stand out on the battlefield, representing the elite leadership of the Solar Auxilia. Whether orchestrating maneuvers from the front lines or commanding from a strategic vantage point, these figures embody the tactical acumen and indomitable spirit of the Imperium's most disciplined forces.

The Tactical Command Section is more than just a set of miniatures; it's a testament to the strategic depth and rich lore of the Warhammer universe. Assembling and deploying this unit not only enhances your gameplay experience but also brings the storied history of the Solar Auxilia to life on your tabletop.


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