Solar Auxilia – Aethon Heavy Sentinel

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The Aethon Heavy Sentinel marks the latest addition to the Solar Auxilia's arsenal, offering a formidable presence on the battlefield. This robust walker is designed to provide heavy close-range firefight support, making it an essential companion for the valiant troops of the Lasrifle and Veletaris Sections. Its presence ensures that even in the thickest of skirmishes, Solar Auxilia forces can rely on substantial firepower to cover their advances or defend key positions.

Equipped with six main weapon options, the Aethon Heavy Sentinel can be customized to handle a variety of tactical situations. Whether facing down armored vehicles, entrenched enemy positions, or swarms of adversaries, this walker can be outfitted with the right tools for the job. Its armament flexibility makes it a versatile asset capable of adapting to the evolving demands of the battlefield.

In addition to its impressive arsenal of main weapons, the Aethon Heavy Sentinel comes with two missile choices, further enhancing its role as a formidable force in breaking enemy lines and cracking the toughest of defenses. This capability ensures that there is no obstacle too formidable, no enemy too resilient for this doughty biped to overcome – even the transhuman warriors of the Legiones Astartes find themselves wary of its might.

The Aethon Heavy Sentinel not only brings significant firepower to the Solar Auxilia but also embodies the indomitable spirit and tactical ingenuity of its forces. Its introduction to the battlefield shifts the dynamics of close-range engagements, providing a bulwark against the enemy and bolstering the confidence of the troops it supports. As the latest entry in the Solar Auxilia's repertoire (this week, at least…), the Aethon Heavy Sentinel stands as a testament to the ongoing innovation and martial prowess that define this elite force.


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