Slaves to Darkness Darkoath Army Set - engl.

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Unleash the primal fury of the Slaves to Darkness with the Darkoath Army Set, a comprehensive collection designed for the dedicated follower of the Chaos Gods. This set introduces a horde of ferocious Darkoath Marauders, numbering 20 strong, each uniquely customizable with a variety of heads and body types to echo the wild diversity of Chaos. Accompanying them are five swift Darkoath Fellriders, each astride their menacing mounts, bringing speed and savagery to your battles.

Leading the charge is the formidable Chieftain on Warsteed, a symbol of raw power and authority, ready to command the battlefield with iron resolve. Alongside him, the terrifying Wilderfiend, a beast warped by the chaotic energies of the Dark Gods, provides a monstrous edge to your forces.

The set is rounded off with essential gameplay enhancements including a full suite of warscroll cards and tokens for streamlined play. Additionally, the exclusive Battletome Supplement: Darkoath expands your tactical options and deepens the lore, ensuring your army not only looks impressive but also dominates in pitched battles. With the Darkoath Army Set, your path to glory in the Chaos realms is clear—forge your oaths and lead your marauders to victory!


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