Slaanesh Daemonettes

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Demonettes of Slaanesh

A daemonette, also known as a "maiden of ecstasy," is a lesser demon of Slaanesh, the prince of joy. Known as Bringers of Joyous Degradation, Boringers of Endless Delights, and Seekers of Decadence, Daemonettes are all of those things and more. Her physical appearance is bewildering. Simultaneously incredibly twisted and shamefully intriguing, the hermaphrodite form of a Daemonette is both repulsive and nearly impossible for a mortal to turn away from. In battle, Daemonettes are sleek, skilled killers whose claws can tear their opponents to pieces or lure their mortal victims into their clutches.

When riding the disturbingly graceful demonic mounts known as the Steed of Slaanesh, a Daemonette is referred to as a Seeker of Slaanesh, who form the vanguard of the Dark Prince's legions. Swift and powerful, these lithe, sensual beasts stalk mortals by tasting their desires in the air. Daemonettes can deliver a mixture of excruciatingly painful caresses and the most delicate and tender of fatal blows to their victims. Even in the cruellest of conflicts, the Daemonettes smile in secret ecstasy as they go about their deadly work and delight in the waves of emotion emanating from their enemies.

At times Slaanesh is more subtle in his dealings, seeking to subvert the will of his enemies, tempt them astray, and allay their opposition to his cause. Slaanesh will also dispatch Daemonettes to corrupt those he wishes to enslave. With their seductive spells, the Daemonettes whisper into their victims' dreams and nightmares, feeding their darkest desires with promises of glory and fulfillment. The warriors of the Chaos Space Marines are particularly susceptible to this. Many would-be conquerors have summoned a host of Slaanesh's servants in the mistaken belief that they will achieve lasting victory, only to find that he is the pawn and that his actions have a terrible cost...

The Daemonettes are Slaanesh's warriors and messengers beyond his realm, and packs of such Daemonettes serve as the core of many of the Demonic Legions of Excess. Slaanesh is prone to extreme mood swings, and when frustrated, he lashes out with his legions and sends his Daemonettes to tear down anything he finds repulsive, crude, and gross and replace them with artistic views of destruction. In battle, Daemonettes can be seen in a swift wave, dancing across the blood-soaked ground while dead bodies form a carpet beneath their feet. Their honeyed voices soar in joyful, trilling praises to Slaanesh as they kill and maim in the name of torment and pleasure.

This multi-part plastic set contains the components needed to craft 10 Daemonettes of Slaanesh. This finely detailed kit includes a variety of additional parts and accessories, allowing you to assemble your Daemons in numerous ways. Supplied with 10 Citadel 25mm Round bases.


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