Skulls #3

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Presenting the Skulls Collection - a plethora of thirty skulls made of the finest resin, adding a dash of sinister fascination to the world of miniatures. Designed to fit seamlessly with most 28mm/32mm figures, this set embodies the fine art of casting.

In the world of tabletop gaming, this collection takes the narrative potential of your miniatures to a new level. The skulls convey an aura of past battles and give the impression of ancient legends and hidden stories. Thanks to their adaptability to different characters and settings, they add depth to your creations and fan the flames of imagination.

Cast in resin, these skulls aren't just for decoration; they're gateways to the imagination. When placed alongside your miniatures, they seamlessly blur the lines between reality and fantasy, heightening visual impact and opening up numerous narrative possibilities.

The collection of skulls embodies the mysterious allure of ancient battles and the delicate balance between past glory and the mysteries of eternity. Whether they adorn a mage's shrine, complement an adventurer's base, or are scattered across a battlefield, these skulls transform from simple resin to symbols of memory, legend, and the aura of the past.

Crafted with meticulous care, these skulls are catalysts for creativity waiting to be brought to life by an inspired hand. These skulls transcend the role of mere ornamentation, becoming building blocks of narrative, weaving stories that traverse worlds of fantasy, history and mystery.

The set includes 30 skulls to fit most 28mm/32mm miniatures. Cast in resin.


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