Skull Cannon of Khorne

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The Skull Cannons of Khorne, also known as Hellforged Bellowers, Bonegrinders or Clinkerfiends, are massive Daemon Engines of Khorne. According to legend, Khorne's skullcannons were forged in the furnaces at the foot of the Blood God's throne and pounded into shape on his mighty anvil. Some even believe they may even have been forged by Khorne's hand, so murderously efficient and callous are they. Like Khorne's Juggernauts, the Skull Cannons are monstrous fusions of demonic spirit and hell-forged machinery. Her twisted and jangling veins burn with a desire to shed blood and crush bone to sing Khorne's praises with every trampled foe.

Two Bloodletters ride the skull cannon, howling with raw joy and chanting Khorne's praises as their armored steed rumbles toward the enemy. These are the same demons who oversaw its creation and are now charged with guiding it in furthering the blood god's unholy purpose. Not that the Skull Cannon needs much encouragement to maim and kill - the demon trapped within its black heart is as angry and murderous as any in Khorne's service. Indeed, a Skull Cannon is more tireless and proud than even the fiercest juggernaut, and seldom heeds the snarling flesh creatures grown accustomed to their mechanical glory.

As the Skull Cannon grinds across the battlefield, its spiked wheels and rollers shred everything in its path. The lucky enemies are the ones who jump out of his way or die instantly when the engine rumbles over them. Those who somehow survive the initial use of the grinders are fed screaming into the Skull Cannon's gaping maw, only to be roasted and ground into fragments by demonic fire. Most remains are ejected from the Skull Cannon's stern in a red trail of bone fragments and glistening blood. Only the skulls so loved by Khorne are retained and fed into the powerful cannon on the machine from which the Daemon Engine takes its name. Here they are imbued with the endless and constant wrath of the blood god, until their empty eye sockets trickle with blood and their slack jaws chatter with rage. Only then does the cannon unload its payload with a thunderous bang. The skulls catch fire when fired and roar with booming laughter when they fly. They smash into enemy ranks, scattering enemies like skittles and leaving a trail of burned and burning dead. Sometimes the Skulls survive where the enemy doesn't, resting between the carnage and spewing insults and threats at anyone who approaches. Only by crushing the skull can the enemy end the torrent of abuse, but rumor has it that the warrior who delivers the final blow is doomed to mad dreams until the day of his death.


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