Skink Starpriest

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Skink Star Priest

Skink priests are endowed with an intellect far exceeding that of most mortals. By performing Azyrite star rituals, these priests can subtly alter the outcome of battle, just as the Slann themselves can manipulate the fate of civilizations.

Skink Starpriests are more like wizards from other races, acting as magical conduits for the Slann. They have the power to call upon the destructive energies of Azyr, burning enemies in beams of searing light.

The greatest of the Skink wizards, and the most skilled of all the Slann's servants in arcane matters, are the Star Seers. No seraphon is more attuned to its ancient masters than the starseers, for they are able to understand to some extent the plan the Slann follow and the great war they wage against the Dark Gods. Star Seers are often more aware of the present than the Slann, for Skinks' minds are not clouded by fragmented memories of eons. As such, the Starseers act as guides, finding patterns in the missing pieces of the Seraphon's past and uncovering forgotten truths.

Particularly strong starseers are able to stray far from their master's side while retaining a measure of power. Seraphon armies can even be led by such beings, and they can wield great influence in the Mortal Realms. Star Seers are also adept at shaping Celestine and Starstone, the materials from which many Seraphon weapons are made. By bending these celestial minerals to their will, they can create palanquins to carry into battle. These floating war thrones are covered in celestial symbols, enhancing the starseers' already powerful astromagic abilities.

Skink Oracles ride into battle atop giant blind beasts known as troglodons. These creatures scent their prey with poison-speckled tongues while their riders wield dowsing, deciphering the enemy's magic. Oracles are gifted with a degree of Slann foresight, allowing them to see magic while others see shadows in the sky or feel the breeze on their faces. Blessed like this, they can protect the Seraphon Troop from enemy sorcery.

A Skink Starseer is a single entity who wields an astromancer's staff and sits atop a palanquin of the constellations - a floating throne of carved stone containing augurs and seeing-stones to see the future by the movement of the stars. A Skink Starpriest wields a starstone dagger and wields a mystical serpent staff. A skink priest wields a starstone staff. Everyone has their own methods of performing heavenly rites; Some dress for war in colorful feather cloaks and cover their staff with an Azyrite gem that unleashes searing bolts of stars, while others prefer to carry a variety of priestly trappings, from small glyphstones to the bleached skulls of their enemies.


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