Skink Oracle on Troglodon

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Known as the Pale Death to those who confront them, troglodons are among Lustria's deadliest hunters.

Named for their cave-dwelling existence, troglodon spend most of their lives infesting the subterranean grottos that criss-cross the continent, emerging only to hunt and feast on prey. These creatures are virtually blind, but hunt using senses other than sight. The troglodon moves sinuously, using its feathery whiskers to track movement while its forked tongue tastes the air. Once the troglodon finds its target, it lunges and bites, devastating its prey with jaws full of hollow teeth capable of expelling poisonous venom. The predator has been known to spit this poisonous bile, which helps the troglodon triangulate its victim's location, as the liquid makes a distinctive hissing sound as it sears flesh.

Skink priests claim that the two-tailed beasts are marked by the ancients, the serpent god Sotek, or perhaps both. The ferocious creatures are untameable and all but one approaching a Troglodon will provoke a fatal attack. A Skink Oracle, a lone Skink spawned with a forked tail, can instantly tame the Pale Death, often adorning it with gems or precious metals to show its sacred status. The troglodon wants to serve as a mount for the tiny oracle, and once in service, the vile beast will never leave its master.

Mounted on a troglodon, a skink oracle travels the land using his arcane psychic powers to seek out lost Elder artifacts or investigate glitches in the geomantic web. Like Skink Priests, Slann Mage-Priests can see the world through the eyes of a Skink Oracle and cast spells through them. This telepathic connection means the Oracles often appear when they are most needed - further fueling the superstition surrounding the mysterious Skinks and their revered mounts. All lizardmen gather to the plaintive cry of the troglodon, for its eerie call fuels their savagery and proves they have the favor of the elders.


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