Skaven Verminlord Warpseer

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Verminlord Warpseers

Also known as the Lords of Black Lightning and Great Manipulators, the Verminlord Warpseers are the most inscrutable of all rat demons. Great leaders and visionaries are often at the center of the most complex plots. All Verminlords are manipulative, but the Warpseers take seduction to a new level. Every whispered syllable and every subtle nuance has been crafted to affect an endgame she alone can fathom. When a verminlord warper comes into the world, he does so not with one plan, but with dozens, even hundreds, of conspiracies and intrigues - and it is not only through words and plans that a verminlord warpseer will unfold his wiles.

When it comes to the arcane arts, the Warpseers wield great power. All verminlords can hurl black bolts, but when a warpseer does, it's not single bolts they throw, but huge, arcing chains of destruction. With a stomp of their clawed foot, they can open cracks, break foundations, and bring down the fabric of the so-called civilized world. At her command, the vermin of the world swarm and form rat floods. So powerful is their reputation that rodents from the shadow realms join the pack, and nothing can stop their chiseled teeth, capable of gnawing a soul out of a body in a matter of seconds.

Verminlord Warpseers alone can summon a psychic orb of enormous proportions. This sphere can be used to see into all possible futures, allowing the verminlord to discern the unknowable and see that which lies beyond the visible - a powerful boon when considering the demise of their enemies and the fate of their allies to plan. In times of dire need, the Verminlord Warpseer can hurl this swirling orb as a weapon, destroying which unleashes a multifuture miasma and fumes of pure warpstone. Those caught in the blast are driven insane, reduced to utter idiocy by the nightmare visions they are gifted with


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