Skaven Verminlord Warbringer

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Verminlord Warbringers

The Verminlord Warbringers, also known as Tyrants of Battle and Great Stabber-slicers, are the most commonly seen rat demons, and of all Verminlords none is as conceited and complacent. Warbringers have a penchant for dramatic performances, such as arriving in billows of smoke before assembled hordes of skaven. They stride through the battle lines, towering over the ratmen who crouch in the presence of such majestic and terrible beings. Whenever possible, they strike heroic poses, with their curved horns thrusting majestically outward and their weapons glittering in the fire of battle.

All this cleaning isn't just pretentiousness on the part of these verminlords, however. Skaven - especially clanrats and storm creatures - flock to the awe-inspiring sight of these divine creatures. Thus the presence of such a verminlord can stabilize even the most cowardly force. With each colossal stride or dramatic lash of the tail, the chirping tumult rising from the fighting hordes increases in intensity. Skaven who bask in this noxious presence long enough are overcome with a bloodthirsty, gnashing rage they long to unleash upon the enemy.

The Warbringers aren't eager to lead from the front; Far preferring to walk amidst a seething tide of ratmen, they draw strength from being among their mortal subjects. When they reach the front line, few mortal creatures can match their speed or strength, and they are able to mow down entire ranks at once with big swings from their Doom Glaives. When taking on larger foes - or delivering a dramatic coup de grace - a Warbringer manifests an enormous spiked fist that propels them through the enemy, ripping out their guts for all to see.

The Verminlord Warbringer is armed with a Doom Glaive and a Punch Dagger, and wears a spiked helm.


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