Skaven Pestilens Screaming Bell

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The Screaming Bell is an unholy battle altar dedicated to the Skaven deity known as the Horned Rat, propelled by the whim of the Skaven hordes with a Gray Seer at their head.

The ringing of this unholy relic cuts deep into the hearts of evil ratmen, inspiring such awe in its allies as it instills fear in the hearts of enemies. The Screaming Bell itself is a ubiquitous symbol of the Skaven race's creation legend, and from these unholy altars the Gray Seers preach their plans for total domination.

These relics were cast in the infernal warforges deep beneath the city of Skavenblight, using a bronze alloy mixed with pure warpstone to create the bell itself. The Warlock Engineers of Clan Skyre are the ones who help cast the bell, uniting alongside the Gray Seers in a thirteen day ritual. The monotonously chirping incantation causes glowing doomfire runes to mystically wind over the bell and as the cast cools, the metal is repeatedly coated with sacrificial blood. Once forged, the bell is installed on a wooden chariot that is pulled forward by a horde of fanatical followers and a large rat ogre to ring.

Rumor has it that each Screaming Bell incorporates part of the great tower of Kavzar, be it a piece of masonry or a small part of the Horned Bell (known to the Skaven as the Great Screaming Bell) that sits in the tallest tower of the Temple of the Horned Rat. In battle, the ominous tolling of the bell rings out above the din of battle, a tiding of death to the enemy but a declaration of supremacy to all skaven. The deafening noise drives the Skaven hordes into a ruthless frenzy, hardening their cowardly hearts to acts of uncommon savagery. The thunderous chimes are magically amplified, and with each chime the noise grows louder and more horrifying, causing even stones to splinter and buildings to collapse. For those attuned to the Horned Rat, each toll issues a single message: Doom


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