Skarbrand the Bloodthirster

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"I will rip the bones out of your body and rot your skin! But I will give your skull to the Skull God, and he will be one among the crowd."

– Skarbrand, The Exile

Skarbrand the Exiled is a Bloodthirster, a great demon of the Blood God Khorne. Skarbrand is Wrath Incarnate, a creature of murderous violence unleashed from the Brass Realm to harvest skulls and souls in a storm of fury. He was once the greatest of Khorne's generals, the most powerful of all Bloodthirsters, until an act of treachery due to the machinations of Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, drove him out and banished him from Khorne's service. Even the Empire's anointed demon hunters fear Skarbrand. The Gray Knights may have the arcane gear and psychic prowess needed to defeat the demons of Chaos, but against a being as powerful as Skarbrand, only deadly force is enough to halt his rampage.

Who is Skarbrand

Skarbrand is a paragon of violence, a whirlwind of bloodshed and destruction that once delighted the Blood God. Nations were torn to pieces by Skarbrand's mighty axes and the armies of the other gods trembled and trembled at his arrival. It was Skarbrand who destroyed the First Palace of Slaanesh and slew Nurgle's great Poxviathan. In a great battle with the mightiest of the Bloodthirsters, he obtained his demonic axes, the Slaughter and Carnage, imbued with the spirits of his vanquished foes. For these and many other deeds he was bestowed infinite fame. No demon had served the blood god more faithfully or shed more blood than Skarbrand. This mighty Bloodthirster once led the greatest of Khorne's demonic legions, slaughtering untold millions in murder. After the Great Demon's slaughter, worlds and the realms of the other Chaos Gods were ravaged with equal fury. But foolish pride was his undoing.

Tzeentch, Lord of Change, had noticed the talents of Khorne's favored slayer, and through his cunning and manipulative whispers fueled Skarbrand's flames of hubris into a raging inferno against his master. Through Tzeentch's machinations, he continued to change the tide of the Bloodthirster's destiny, goading and taunting the Demon Lord into ever greater acts of bloodshed. He stoked the creature's fury to a white-hot rage until Skarbrand grabbed his ax and slashed at his master when Khorne's attention was elsewhere. Though a mighty blow that could have felled an entire army, the Bloodthirster's blow only opened a tiny crack in the Blood God's armor and drew his desolate gaze. Enraged by his servant's boldness, the Blood God's wrath was terrible to behold.


Skarbrand is a hulking figure, an immensely muscular killing machine that embodies the blood god's unbridled wrath. Cast out of the Brass Realm by his enraged god, Skarbrand has been earthbound, his wings shattered by the brutal impact that saw him carve a furrow through the Realm of Chaos.

Once mighty winged things, they are now tattered remains - with tattered leather stretched and torn between broken spurs. Spiked chains span the sad ruin, piercing the spikes to prevent them from unfolding any further. Broken bone splinters are visible in the cracks in the torn flesh.

The Blood God shows no mercy and will grant no aid to Skarbrand, regardless of the unfathomable carnage the outcast Bloodthirster wreaks in his name. Despite an age of struggle, Skarbrand still bears the wounds inflicted when Khorne drove him from his domain. It seems likely that they will never heal. Skarbrand's torn face, bared skull, broken teeth, and broken horns all speak to the blood god's wrath


In battle, Skarbrand wields two demonic axes in his gnarled fists. Trapped within each blade is a greater demon of Khorne, whose power and fury are added to Skarbrands as he uses them to slice and hack his way through the enemy. That he could bind such powerful rivals to his will is a testament to Skarbrand's once supreme power. The strange metal of Skarbrand's brazen axes has been warped and twisted by the demons within them. Malicious eyes peer from the blades, the axes possess a thirst that can only be quenched by blood. The origins of these ferocious weapons date back to days gone by, when Skarbrand left a bloody trail of victory and rose to become the leader of the Blood Legions of Khorne. He was constantly looking for the next challenge worthy of his martial attention. Finally, after countless battles, only the greatest of his Bloodthirsters remained as worthy rivals.

So Skarbrand sought them out and overwhelmed even the mightiest of his rivals in the battle on the Infernus Plains. As a conqueror he stood on the heaped dead, conquered the soul stuff of the two most powerful of the vanquished and bound them in weapon form. Thus was born Slaughter and Carnage, Skarbrand's peerless axes, blades as insatiable for blood as their wielder. Khorne looked down from his brass throne and saw the defeat of his greatest Bloodthirsters. The deed pleased him, because the god of anger and struggle does not care where the blood flows from, only that it flows. And so Skarbrand rose to the head of the Blood God's legions and became the right hand of the almighty Khorne himself.


This multi-part plastic kit provides you with everything you need to assemble Skarbrand, a pretentious warrior of blood, murder and fury; armed with two demonic axes, affectionately known as Carnage and Slaughter. Its once-mighty wings are tattered and torn, and its face is permanently contorted in a screaming rite of pure rage. Bloodthirster fans among you will be pleased to know that this kit is perfect for building a custom Bloodthirster!


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