Sisters of Mercy Paladin APC

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In the grimdark future where every battle is a crucible of blood and fire, there's no room for hesitation or uncertainty. When it comes to delivering your Sisters of Mercy to the heart of the fray, there's only one vehicle that ensures their safe passage—the Paladin Armored Personnel Carrier.

Purpose-built for the rigors of combat, the Paladin APC is the epitome of reliability, designed to transport your Sisters of Mercy with unwavering precision and protection. With its reinforced armor plating and advanced defensive systems, it shields your sacred warriors from the horrors of the battlefield, ensuring they arrive unscathed and ready to bring their divine justice upon the enemy.

Equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and targeting systems, the Paladin APC navigates the treacherous terrain of warzones with ease, delivering your Sisters of Mercy to their designated targets with pinpoint accuracy. No obstacle is too daunting, no challenge too great—the Paladin will carry your forces through the crucible of battle, emerging victorious on the other side.

The kit contains 1 complete Paladin APC.

It is intended for experienced modelers, as the parts may require some cleaning, sanding and filling before assembly.
It is cast from high quality resin, but some burrs and bubbles may be present on the model.
The model comes unpainted and may require assembly.

Template of the model by Jakub Janiak.


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