Shining Spears

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Aeldari Shining Spears

The Shining Spears are one of the rarest and most specialized Aeldari Aspect Warriors. The Shining Spears possess a radiant and clear virtue that distinguishes each as a warrior hero and champion of the Aeldari race. Aeldari mythology is replete with examples of noble heroes at one with their steed, and in the Shining Spears the glory of the legend is once again manifest.

In battle, they fight as the spear of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Aeldari War God's invincible weapon that struck like lightning, killing any enemy with a single blow. Shining Spears can be distinguished from all other aspects of Aeldari warriors as they are the only aspect warriors to use anti-gravity jet bikes. The identity of the Phoenix Lord Drastanta of the Shining Spears Aspect is unknown to Imperial scholars.

The Shining Spears Aspect also has only a tiny presence on a few Craftworlds, including big ones like Ulthwé, but are considered an elite force, shining specimens of the warrior way. Squads of Shining Spear are relatively small, only three to five warriors, a number sometimes including an Exarch to lead them.

But even a small unit of Shining Spears can turn the tide of a protracted battle, their legendary attacks arriving with the force of a thunderbolt. Few enemies can withstand such a devastating attack.

Shining Spears ride to war on sleek, gleaming Aeldari jetbikes, and their vehicles' anti-gravity engines allow them to fly over even the roughest terrain at breakneck speeds. Each Aspect Warrior is tuned to their jet bike to perform complex, high-speed aerial maneuvers with a single gesture.

Even a small unit of Shining Spears can turn the tide of a drawn-out battle, their legendary attacks arriving with the force of a thunderbolt. Aside from the dual-linked shuriken catapults built into their jet bikes, the Shining Spears Aspect Warrior's ritualistic armament is the Laser Lance.

Capable of delivering intense beams of energy at short range, this elegant weapon is typically used when the Shining Spears deliver their charge. These Aspect warriors specialize in hit-and-run attacks, dashing past the enemy and coming back for another attack, much like the Exodites' dueling Dragonknights.

  • Laser Lance – Shining Spears wield the Laser Lance as their only weapon. The Laser Lance shoots a powerful, short-range laser beam strong enough to knock down all enemy units. In this way, the Shining Spears are intended to operate in a manner similar to high-tech anti-gravity heavy cavalry units.
  • Star Lance - A variant of the Laser Lance and only wielded by Shining Spear Exarchs. Star Lances are extremely powerful Laser Lances, named for the weapon Asuryan wields himself on the back of his flying steed.

Each Aeldari aspect shrine is led by an Exarch, an Aeldari permanently invoked to the warrior's path. An Exarch has traveled this path so far that he or she can no longer depart from it, and as such, as High Priest of Khaine, devotes himself entirely to the service of the aspect of the War God that he or she represents.

Exarchs wear more elaborate and ornate versions of Aspect Armor, embodying the spirits of their former wearers, bestowing on an Exarch not only wisdom and knowledge spanning millennia, but also a raw pool of powerful psychic energy for use in Combat.


This kit builds a unit of Shining Spears, each armed with a laser lance and riding a jet bike equipped with two shuriken catapults. A model can be built as a Shining Spears Exarch, who can be armed with a Starlance or Paragon Saber and a protective Shimmershield. The Exarch's Jetbike can be equipped with a deadly shuriken cannon and they have a choice of four heads, while each Shining Spear has a choice of helmeted or bareheaded heads.

This set comes as 84 plastic components with which to assemble three Shining Spears, and is supplied with 3x 60mm flying bases, each with two ball joint shafts. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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