Shimogama Vipers

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One of the least habitable places in all of the Jwar Isles, the Isle of Izu was bestowed upon the Ito by the Eagle clan as an insult to make it clear to all, including their sub-clan, who rules. A rugged landscape with little arable land for farming, fraught with danger and danger from the hostile terrain or its denizens, beasts unique to the island fill its dense jungle. Beautiful at the same time exotic, with hues that make the royal gardens look dull in comparison. Among the many reptiles that lurk in the shade of the treetops, the Shimogama vipers are among the largest and deadliest. Five feet of muscle harnessed by large feathered wings enable the snake's great power and movement, which strikes without warning and vanishes just as quickly. These ancient predators of the jungle are drawn into their mother's service in times of war.

Blister contains two miniatures, 30mm bases and a full color English profile Card.


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