Shiho Shota

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Shiho Shota offers death from afar! After perfecting the martial art of kyudo, which allows an archer to fire his bows with uncanny accuracy, he has become a legend in his day. He even managed to fire an arrow that shot into the circular center of a silver moon that was thrown high into the air while blindfolded! But Shiho Shota is far more than trick shots and showing off for the crowd; He has dedicated his entire life to mastering the bow, so much so that it is not an instrument in his hands but an extension of his body and fierce fighting spirit. The years have been tough for Shiho Shota, always hunted and on the run from the dragon usurper, but such is his determination; he never let it wear him down. It's only redoubled its will to fight now that the Black Eagle has flown home!

If you want to lead a Shiho warband with a ranged element, Shota is the perfect complement. He can reliably shoot at anything. While his common Dai Kyu shots are excellent, his ability to ignore LoS (line of sight) when shooting takes him to the next level! However, the cost of an extra reload marker makes this a complex tradeoff. His hand-to-hand combat ability is average for a Shiho Samurai, but he can benefit from a weapon card to improve gear. His melee ability is good enough to finish off the enemy models he's already damaged with his bow.

Blister contains one miniature that comes with a 30mm base and a colored profile Card.


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