Shiho Keita

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Keita was old, even at the Battle of Sagoya, and though he wished to stand and die with his clan, his orders were to protect the children so the Shiho clan might have a chance to survive. Keita fulfilled that final command every day of his life, protecting them with his blade and teaching them the intricacies of swordsmanship as they grew. Still, there's something about Keita that makes people bow even deeper in his presence. Perhaps it is his stately demeanor and innate nobility? Whatever it is, he is a welcome and steadfast asset to the Shiho Clan in their struggle to shake off the yoke of Takashi impostors and usurpers.

Keita helps the squad in many ways; If you improve his poor melee ability, he can be a viable fighter. But even without any melee combat, he offers virtue counters with a wide range of effects that enhance the Shiho's inherent talent for unpredictability. Additionally, his Deference Ki Feat can protect him from some attacks, which is helpful for a support model that needs to be close to the action.

Blister contains one miniature that comes with a 30mm base and a colored profile Card.


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