Shiho Clan Starter Set

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In the years following the Dragon Wars, the Shiho name was rarely mentioned. Recently that name has been spoken again with increasing enthusiasm and excitement as it appears that the only known member of this once proud clan has returned to the Isles of Jwar.
Shiho Hiroto is back to defeat his many enemies and destroy the Takashi clan by any means necessary. He wages a secret war taking place in the rice fields, jungles and thickets of Jwar. Shiho Hiroto chooses hit-and-run, stealing, destroying and disrupting the vital supply and communication lines that the Takashi clan so desperately needs to rule Jwar.

The box contains five miniatures that come with 30mm bases and eleven English suit cards.

  • Shiho Takuya Miniature & card
  • Kazuki Miniature & Card
  • Shiho Wimpie Miniature & Card
  • Shiho Yusuke Miniature & Card
  • Shiho Sayaka Miniature & Card
  • 1 flank card
  • 1 theme Card
  • 3 Enhancement Cards (2x Equipment)
  • 1 event card


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