Shaltari Battlefleet

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Shaltari Battlefleet

The alien Shaltari are a race unlike any encountered by humankind. Though short in stature, they are wise beyond anything known. Their technology is so far advanced to be almost indistinguishable from magic, utilising teleportation, gravitic distortion, and even the ability to bypass death.

It is this last detail that is most curious to the United Colonies of Mankind. The Shaltari are able to pass their consciousness into another body, grown specially for the purpose. They are essentially immortal, provided their warlike nature doesn’t kill them first. For the Shaltari, a species of duality, where sometimes serene and intelligent beyond measure, they can turn into war hungry creatures, desperate to prove their martial prowess.

In void combat their fleets are equally hard to predict. While they have little need for primitive armor, they protect themselves through energy shields and incredible maneuverability. To fall into a Shaltari trap is common - and due to their weapons of immense power - deadly.

This box contains an entire Shaltari Battlefleet, with (almost) everything you’ll need to raise a fleet for your games of Dropfleet Commander. This set contains a mix of plastic and resin ships, which provide a solid core for your fleet and some more advanced ships to fill particular roles.

The plastic Cruisers and Frigates can be assembled in dozens of ways, each with a very specific place in the fleet. From the stranger Emerald Motherships, all the way down to the unique Voidgates - anchors of a vast teleportation network.

Each ship comes with a multi-part plastic base and flight stand to keep track of your damage, orbital layer, fire arcs, energy status and ship names.

Shaltari ships lack armor, but boast a tactical acumen that rewards the most cunning players.


  • 1 Resin Shaltari Battlecruiser, which can be built as either a Ruby or Sapphire.
  • Typical length 139mm, 13 parts per ship (including optional ones).
  • 6 Plastic Shaltari Cruisers & 6 Shaltari Voidgates. These multi-part plastic sprues contain 28 parts each (including optional ones & Voidgates), and can be assembled in 9 different classes, including Cruisers, Fleet Carriers, and Troopships! Typical length 107mm.
  • 8 Plastic Shaltari Frigates. These multi-part plastic sprues contain 4 Frigates, which - using the 38 parts on each sprue (including optional ones) - can make up to 5 different classes, including Frigates and Strike Carriers. Typical length 65mm.
  • 3 Resin Shaltari Corvettes, in a single piece with typical length of 49mm.
  • 56 Shaltari Command Cards & 33 Activation Cards.
  • 2 Fastplay cards.

Contains 14 multi-part plastic miniatures and 4 resin miniatures, all with multi-part bases, 89 playing cards, and 2 fast play cards.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

*Base Stickers discontinued. Stickers inside box maybe from alternative faction*


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