Shalaxi Helbane

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Also known as the Monarch of the Hunt, Shalaxi Helbane is a powerful keeper of the secrets of Slaanesh and Slaanesh's weapon against other demons of the other Chaos Gods. Through Shalaxis' blended senses and abilities of a keeper of secrets, Helbane has slain thousands of the Dark Prince's rivals and more.

Should an enemy warlord incite the Dark Prince's wrath, a mental impulse will explode within Shalaxis' soul, driving Helbane on an all-consuming quest from which Helbane will never retreat until it is complete. Shalaxis' sensorium, exaggerated by the strange antennae rising like a crown on the larger demon's head, allows it to perceive senses in multiple ways. These include the ability to see fear as a cloud of mist, smell the scent of a spell before it is cast, hear the shearing sound when a mortal's thread of life is severed, or taste cowardice as if it were bitter citrus. As the larger demon's senses work together, Helbane can see a prey's trail hanging in the air as a swirling line, even allowing her to peer through a realm gate, across the Aetheric Void and beyond, making this larger demon into a universe but makes it inevitable. Perhaps the only possible safe havens are the abysmal regions of the Deep Places, where little to no stimuli can thrive, where the Idoneth Deepkin make their home.

Shalaxi has ensnared and slain warrior-kings, dragons, greater demons, and mighty tyrants of destruction. Shalaxis' followers often struggle to keep up with their leader when a hunt comes to an end. At other times, Shalaxi is joined by a pack of Fiends, their beats trilling with joyful abandon as they dash their alpha toward prey. At the end of a hunt, Helbane does not attack covertly, but openly challenges his prey with words so subtle that the challenge cannot be refused. Shalaxi's hedonite followers live in hopes of witnessing the great killings that follow these challenges. It is whispered that one day Shalaxi will pierce the heart of a godbeast and prove the supremacy of Chaos over the realms.

Every aspect of Shalxi Helbane's fighting style is designed to perfectly counter Slaanesh's fiercest prey and rivals. In many ways, Shalaxi owes its existence to Slaanesh's desire to surpass Khorne in martial prowess by allowing the Dark Prince's own Hunter to defeat Bloodthirsters in single combat. Shalaxis' signature long spear, a weapon spoken of in obscene songs and verses among the Hedonites, allows him to dart past a Bloodthirster's great ax to impale his heart. However, it would be nearly impossible for even the most skilled fighter to defeat a Bloodthirster at close quarters, which is why Shalaxi wields a living whip that coils like a snake around an enemy's weapons. This is accompanied by the hunter's own robe of pseudopod limbs that grasp, snap and choke like the tentacles of an octopus.

Shalaxi has learned the fighting styles of rival larger demons through years of experience. Helbane has impaled Lords of Change before they can complete their summons, pierced the bleeding hearts in the bubbling chests of Great Unclean Ones, and defeated airborne Bloodthirsters even as they hurtled through the skies. Shalaxi has long harbored a desire to defeat Skarbrand, a Bloodthirster so powerful he once sought to defeat Khorne, and has twice dueled him to a draw. The grand showdown between the two larger demons will draw the attention of Slaanesh and Khorne.

From this kit you can build Shalaxi Helbane and choose an armament - a Radiant Aegis or a Living Whip. Alternatively, a Keeper of Secrets can be built from this kit.


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