Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria - Rise of Titans - engl.

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The Rise of Titans is a captivating story of war, magic, and revenge. Lord Nore, known as the Lich King, has made a dark sacrifice to become the Shrine of the Titans, enabling the Wardens to bring back their mightiest warriors to fight for their cause. However, the creation of the Shrine has also brought forth ancient spells that can turn the tide of the ongoing war and change the status quo. The once dormant Wraiths have been awakened and are seeking retribution for past wrongs done to their kind. It's the perfect time to launch your forces into battle and seize the opportunity to vanquish the humans, elves, and dwarves from Valeria who have encroached upon your territory. Will you be able to harness these newfound powers and restore your kingdom's former glory, becoming the General of the Dark Army?

This expansion features four modules, including Shrine of the Titans, Great Battles, Ancient Spells, and Wraith Dice, that can be played individually or combined to enhance your gameplay experience. However, it's recommended that you have a solid grasp of the base game and each module before incorporating them all at once.


  • 1 Shrine of the Titans Tile
  • 25 Participation Markers
  • 15 Custom Dice
  • 15 Great Battle Cards
  • 1 Victory Point Resolution Tile
  • 28 Ancient Spell Cards


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