Seraphon Skinks

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Skinks bombard their foes from all directions with crackling volleys of celestial energy and meteor-like projectiles. Even as their opponents try to draw them into battle, the tiny seraphon disappear into the shadows, ready to reappear without warning and bring death to their foes.

Swift and cunning, the skinks are the skirmishers of the Seraphon armies. In battle, they form swarms of warriors that move swiftly around enemy flanks, pushing in and out of terrain while pelting the enemy with meteor spears and arcane arrows. They become even deadlier in numbers, their weapons burning brighter as they are fueled by the Skinks' collective celestial essence.

While standing but chest-high for most males, skinks are still formidable fighters and easily rival their mortal counterparts. Chirping and clicking in their alien tongue, these intelligent creatures excel at coordinated attacks - working in perfect unison, their cohorts will punch enemy weak points or overwhelm unprepared targets.

Skinks temper the Saurus' battle rage with a hunter's patience, for where their larger cousins ??might try to force their way through an obstacle or enemy, the Skinks often seek a more cunning path to victory. This makes Skinks tricky opponents in combat, as they seek out hidden pitfalls and aspects of the battlefield to use to their advantage, attacking their enemies from unexpected directions.

Some Skinks, like the Chameleon Skinks, possess strange abilities that allow them to take on specialized roles in combat. Superlative hunters and assassins, these seraphon mimic their surroundings as they stalk their prey. Even keen-eyed enemies only see slow-moving shadows as they search for their mysterious attackers. They realize too late that they are being watched when dozens of sparkling eyes appear in the darkness and the air is filled with the whisper of celestite blowguns.

Chameleon skinks exist in the shadows where Azyr's burning light cannot always reach. Here they relentlessly hunt the followers of the Dark Gods, invisible instruments of the Slann's will. The enchanted star poison these skinks coat their arrows with is particularly deadly to the demons of chaos, whose unnatural flesh erupts in celestial flames upon contact with the strange substance.


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