Seraphon Lord Kroak

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Lord Kroak

Despite his deadly condition, Lord Kroak is the most powerful of all Slann. The venerable relic priest appears unbidden when the great plan is at its most critical, when the enemies of the Seraphon are being devastated by an onslaught of arcane power. Kroak is a Slann. Little is known of Kroak's life, but he is now physically a long-dead shell. After his death, he was mummified and placed on a magical palanquin. His spirit and many others still hover around his corpse, protecting it from physical harm.

Lord Kroak, the oldest and most powerful of all Slann relic priests, has always kept a watchful eye over the realms of the seraphon. His overwhelming arcane power emerges unbidden when the myriad strands of the Grand Plan are most threatened, crushing dozens of enemies beneath celestial meteors and the forgotten magic of the world-that-was.

This kit contains 56 plastic components with which to build one Lord Kroak, with a choice of two different head variants. This model is supplied with a Citadel 80mm Round Base.


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