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Seraph Red from Xpress Color is a deep, luminous red, inspired by the celestial and fiery nature of seraphim. This color is perfect for painting elements that require a bold, mystical appearance, such as the garments of a high priest, the wings of an angelic figure, or the fiery details on magical creatures. Its rich, vibrant tone conveys a sense of power and intensity, making it an excellent choice for any miniature that embodies strength and otherworldly energy.

The depth of Seraph Red makes it highly effective for both base coats and detailed accents on your models. It provides a striking foundation that can be highlighted with lighter shades of red or pink to bring out the intricate details of the miniature's features. This color is also superb for creating shading effects, adding a dramatic contrast that enhances the three-dimensional feel of the figures.

Seraph Red pairs wonderfully with a variety of colors in the Xpress Color range. Mixing it with darker tones like blacks or purples can create shadows and depth, perfect for adding a brooding or menacing look. Blending it with golds or oranges can enhance its warmth, ideal for simulating glowing effects or radiant light. For more delicate applications, diluting Seraph Red with Xpress Medium allows for smooth transitions and soft glazes, perfect for achieving a gentle glow or the subtle highlights needed for realistic fire or fabric textures.

Incorporating Seraph Red into your painting toolkit will undoubtedly enhance your ability to portray characters and elements with divine or magical attributes. Whether you are painting a hero's cape, a demon's eyes, or the flames of a sorcerer's spell, Seraph Red provides the perfect hue to convey both beauty and danger with equal effectiveness.

Xpress Color is presented in bottles of 18 ml/0.6 fl oz with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.


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