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Imperial Army Sentinel

The Sentinel is an all-terrain, lightweight, bipedal, one-man walker used by the various regiments of the Astra Militarum. The Sentinel is most preferred when Imperial Guard patrols need to move over rough terrain that would completely immobilize heavier vehicles. Striking a perfect balance between toughness and mobility, Sentinels are capable of traversing terrain that would immobilize heavier main battle tanks and armored vehicles, while still being able to deflect fire that would shred through infantry lines.

The Sentinel uses a robust and sophisticated gyro-stabilizer system that keeps the walker stable while traversing any terrain, including steep slopes and deep craters. The Sentinel's posable legs allow the walker to silently stalk through urban ruins or dense undergrowth while still maintaining impressive speeds across open terrain. Scout Sentinels have made noise reduction mods to their power plants to reduce the possibility of their movements being heard by the enemy.

Crews of Sentinel squads adapt their vehicles to all kinds of difficult operational environments, using everything from large chainsaws for cutting through dense jungles and forests to servo claw spikes that can grab glacial planes. Sentinels are often deployed in squadrons as scouts or infantry fire support vehicles. Capable of carrying a variety of heavy weapons, they combine intense firepower and maneuverability in a highly mobile unit. However, Scout Sentinels are lightly armored and vulnerable to heavy barrage from small arms.

The Imperial Sentinel can be armed with a variety of weapons. The original Sentinel design called for a fully open canopy and assault cannon as the Walker's standard armament, but eventually this design was phased out in place of more common weapons and an armored or partially armored canopy.

In the 41st Millennium, the Astra Militarum typically outfit their Sentinels with whatever weapons are most tactically useful for a particular mission or campaign, but some regiments use their own standard pattern of Sentinel.

The Sentinel's most common armament comes from the Forge World of Mars and carries a multi-laser with a partially armored canopy. This Mars Pattern Scout Sentinel is deployed by regiments across the Empire. Sentinels can also be armed with autocannons, laser cannons, rocket launchers, multi-meltas, heavy flamethrowers, plasma cannons, and heavy bolters.

The Sentinel's heavy fire support variant, the Support Sentinel can be equipped with a Multi-Rocket Pod or a Missile Launcher Pod to maximize missile payloads. Each Sentinel equipped with missile weapons uses both Frag and Krak missiles to be effective in both anti-personnel and anti-armor roles.

All Sentinels can be outfitted with camouflage netting, searchlights, and smoke launchers. Armored Sentinels outfitted with fully armored canopies have additional gyroscopic stabilizers allowing them to carry and fire heavier weapons, as well as Auspex Arrays equipping a powerful Hunter-Killer missile launcher, the Sentinel's can serve in an anti-tank role.


  • Scout Sentinel - The Scout Sentinel has a partially armored canopy and is primarily used for scouting and reconnaissance purposes. These Sentinels are typically armed with either multi-lasers or heavy flamethrowers. Mainly used for reconnaissance duties and light infantry fire support, the Scout Sentinel is deployed by many Astra Militarum regiments to locate and obliterate nodes of enemy resistance in daring ambushes and surprise attacks, bursts of multi-lasers and bursts of superheated promethium to swathes to eliminate from enemy troops. Scout Sentinels are equipped with sophisticated gyro stabilizers that help them traverse the rockiest, cratered battlefields and steepest slopes. Articulated legs allow them to silently stalk through dense undergrowth or urban ruins, while allowing for an impressive burst of speed across open terrain. The power plants on these scout vehicles also contain a noise reduction mod to avoid alerting the enemy to their presence. The crew members of these Scout Sentinels often further customize their vehicles, and all manner of innovations for rough terrain can be seen in various Militarum Regimentos. The Valhallan Ice Warriors often attach servo-powered claw spikes to the feet of their Scout Sentinels that can grab glacial planes, while the Catachan Jungle Fighters are known for outfitting their Scout Walkers with giant chainsaws to carve a path through dense jungles. The Scout Sentinel is not intended for prolonged frontline combat missions. Its unshielded crew compartment allows the pilot to watch its prey, but at the expense of vulnerability to small arms fire. To maintain mobility, the Walker also lacks the armor and ferrosteel armor of a full main battle tank.
  • Armored Sentinel - The Armored Sentinel has a fully enclosed, heavily armored canopy. An Armored Sentinel's mechanical legs are also modified with recoil compensators instead of additional gyro stabilizers, which slightly reduces their speed but allows them to fire more powerful weapon systems such as lascannons, plasma cannons, and autocannons. Sentinels become excellent front-line units when outfitted with additional armor, allowing them to slash through a barrage of weapon fire that would cripple or destroy a lighter walker. Sensor arrays and auspex systems are replaced with additional power cells and cooling systems to allow the Armored Sentinel to fulfill its role as a mobile heavy weapons platform. Armored Sentinels are deployed as roving hunter-killer units, forming search and destroy teams in pursuit of enemy main battle tanks. Once their quarry is located, it is eliminated with practiced efficiency, plasma and laser cannon fire cutting through the thickest ablation coating.


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