Senor Nefando

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bones cracked. The leather straps of the greaves tore open, the metal struts buckled. Seams burst, clothes tore. Waves of pure rage flooded every fiber of his body. Muscles swelled and grew. Convulsive spasms ran through the battered, swelling flesh. The back arched back as if two gigantic invisible hands wanted to break it in two. An animal howl erupted from a muscle-bound throat while a gigantic fist crushed an empty syringe into a thousand pieces...

Senor Nefando is a leader of the Brotherhood, although - actually he is the dark side of the Dottore. That's why you have to hire him before you get access to Senor Nefando. In the game you can then switch back and forth between the forms of the two, depending on whether you need the healing abilities of Dottore or the pure melee power of Senor Nefando.

    Number per team: 1
parts: 6
Total height: 67mm
Height (head to toe): 37mm

The figure comes with the 2nd Edition character card with all the game values ??required for Freebooter's Fate. The figure comes unpainted and in parts and requires assembly.

The Dottore miniature is for size comparison only and is not part of this article.


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